Dance – Keep the Faith

Life can sometimes throw a lot of curveballs. Can you stay strong enough to keep the faith and…yes…dance? What reasons have you got to keep up the good fight?  

This week’s Friday song is the ‘dance’ version of Lee Ann Womack‘s ‘I Hope You Dance’ – the best remix of the song, in my opinion, by highly understated and mega-talented British music producer Brian Rawling of Metrophonic. Google the man and only this wee snippet on Wikipedia comes up. This version of the song is so typical of the quality of talent that exists in the UK when it comes to music (discovered by me only, really, since living in England from 2007 for six years).

This past week I tried to write a post on suicide after learning of my business manager’s American military friend who killed himself (the sixth of her military friends) and the next day learning of a married couple jumping to their deaths in a double suicide from the ninth floor of their Manhattan office building…due to the stress of finding themselves in such dire financial debt they could not cope. They left behind two young adult children just beginning their adult lives. I felt such a sadness about these stories, as I always do, and the length of that post got so long because I have so much to say about the matter, I had to stop and park it for the time being – I’ll return with Continue reading “Dance – Keep the Faith”