Better When I’m Dancing – Let’s Kick Off Feeling Good, Right Now!

Winter can really take you down…flu, cold, complications, a cough that goes on for weeks. There’s January for you, especially if you’ve been out there commuting on public transport – trains, planes, and automobiles (busses). To hell with that! Now that the January blahs are over, it’s time to feel fabulous – FEBRUARY FABULOUS. 

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Cool Down Rewind – Forgive Yourself and Heal That Longterm Agony

Cool Down, Rewind – Kirsty Almeida – The song that helped me recover from one big clusterf*ck

I was introduced to Kirsty Almeida‘s music in 2011 after what I’ll call…a string of personal disasters in my life – what I’ll call one giant clusterf*ck – most of which was the result of actions I had taken in some senseless attempt to figure myself out after the stock markets crashed down on my life savings in 2008. I’d lost my fortune (almost $100k), made some bad decisions in love and was utterly bereft, regretful, self flagellating and brokenhearted, though good things were happening, too. Yet that just somehow was not enough to make up for what I’d been through.  Continue reading “Cool Down Rewind – Forgive Yourself and Heal That Longterm Agony”

Lost and Found – Grief and Survival

Lost and Found – Katie Herzig

‘Lost and Found.’ Such a torrential, self-evidential lyric. What’s the point? In our deepest losses is where we find our deepest and truest selves. As hard as it is to accept, it is true. Grief is the thing that crushes us and squeezes out more pain than we ever knew we had while pushing us closest to ourselves. What’s a girl to do?

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On Top of the World – Kicking the Sugar Habit

On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons 

When’s the last time you felt on top of the world? What got you there? I know what’s getting me there. The decision to get there. It all starts with a decision. 

On self nurturing, binge eating, thyroid recovery and Type II Diabetes reversal through kicking the addiction to sugar…it’s all about learning how to love yourself differently. Consider this Part I of many…

So, I vowed to ‘give’ myself a summer retreat. I’m going nowhere for holiday. Okay, that’s a lie. I got creative and booked in to a friend’s beautiful flat in the town centre of this beautiful little German town called Bad Nauheim. I’m escaping the Saudi desert heat for almost four of my nine weeks off this summer. I made this decision also so that I could get some rest and get this bod in shape.  

It’s been a busy Year Two on the new job. And I am absolutely mercenary about saving for my first home. It’s time, baby. Keeping that goal close to the chest. Very close. But weight loss is up front and centre and this is about that. I’m getting away to vary the surroundings, but my goal is the same: shedding the heaviness of life.  Continue reading “On Top of the World – Kicking the Sugar Habit”

Tilted – Be Your Beautiful Self and Do What You Want

Tilted – Christine and the Queens



I discovered this song like all of the music I now find today in this tempestuous sea of digital music that swirls all around – via my favourite streaming service Spotify, in a playlist called UK Hits found on the Spotify UK site (which is what I subscribe to – the music is better – I never thought I would ever say that – but I have become European – the pop music is better – but music is universal, of course).

It suited my mood perfectly yesterday as I was feeling like a complete anomaly staying put in Saudi Arabia for the better part of my summer while expats hi-tail it out of here to be with family and friends in their home countries. I’ve chosen to stay here, save money to fulfill a mission: to buy my first home at 50. How crazy is that? Well, just call me ‘crazy lady’. Because I have lived my life…as I see fit.

What I love about this song is everything said in this Times article about it – it’s about living your life despite how others see it, being yourself no matter how weird it gets and no matter what others think of you. But this feel-good number also gets at all sorts of themes like surviving a relationship ending, which we all have, because you wouldn’t be alive if something didn’t die somewhere along the way. This song reminds me that when life is off kilter and out of whack “I’m actually good” and – guess what – I can’t help it if I have done and do things a little differently from the rest. Continue reading “Tilted – Be Your Beautiful Self and Do What You Want”

It’s Only Love – Don’t let it break you

It’s Only Love – Bryan Adams   

When the feelin’ is ended
There ain’t no use pretendin’
Don’t ya worry – it’s only love

When your world has been shattered
Ain’t nothin’ else matters
It ain’t over – it’s only love
And that’s all – yeah

When your heart has been broken
Hard words have been spoken
It ain’t easy – but it’s only love

And if your life ain’t worth livin’
And you’re ready to give in
Just remember – that it’s only love

You can live without the aggravation
Ya gotta wanna win – ya gotta wanna win

You keep lookin’ back in desperation
Over and over and over again

Yeah – oh yeah
It’s only love – Baby
Oh baby babe – it’s only love, love, love
Love, Love, love

Ever had a broken heart? 

Has your heart been broken? What person alive hasn’t faced the ending of a relationship and – worse – been jilted by a friend, lover, business partner, employer – someone you loved or at least liked and respected? It can be brutal.

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