There Will Be Time – Love Is Timeless

Grief upon grief upon grief upon grief. We grieve and survive, then grieve again. Every agonizing loss opens our hearts again and threatens to deepen the pain. That’s life. But perhaps it’s worth accepting that this is the way it is. Our memory is long. Perhaps it would be wise to stay in the moment, in the fresh truth and integrity of today’s loss, so that it may be fortify us with the reminder of our capacity for love.

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Keep Breathing – Sometimes It’s All You Can Do








I have written about grief in these posts a few times already. Dig and you’ll uncover the layers of my pain.

It hides in accidents and breakups, deaths and departures, disappointments and unanswered questions, the selfish stony silence of betrayal by those who never were deserving of my love, and the trappings of my own human imperfections…jealousy, hurt and confusion, which do strange things to a person.

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Lost and Found – Grief and Survival

Lost and Found – Katie Herzig

‘Lost and Found.’ Such a torrential, self-evidential lyric. What’s the point? In our deepest losses is where we find our deepest and truest selves. As hard as it is to accept, it is true. Grief is the thing that crushes us and squeezes out more pain than we ever knew we had while pushing us closest to ourselves. What’s a girl to do?

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