Your Emotions are a Gift, Your Guide to Better Living

There is no doubt that each one of us is comprised of an ecosystem of thoughts, feelings (emotions), and behaviours. Each affects the others and the way that these interact affects the way we move through life. The question is: are our emotions ‘friend or foe’? Answer: our emotions are one of the best ways to know ourselves, and this self knowledge is one of the best free tools we have for dealing with life and its complexities. 

Emotions get a bad rap.

Women at home and in the workplace are often accused of being emotional at times of external or internal stress (life/relational or menstrual/physical), and Continue reading “Your Emotions are a Gift, Your Guide to Better Living”

Better When I’m Dancing – Let’s Kick Off Feeling Good, Right Now!

Winter can really take you down…flu, cold, complications, a cough that goes on for weeks. There’s January for you, especially if you’ve been out there commuting on public transport – trains, planes, and automobiles (busses). To hell with that! Now that the January blahs are over, it’s time to feel fabulous – FEBRUARY FABULOUS. 

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On Top of the World – Kicking the Sugar Habit

On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons 

When’s the last time you felt on top of the world? What got you there? I know what’s getting me there. The decision to get there. It all starts with a decision. 

On self nurturing, binge eating, thyroid recovery and Type II Diabetes reversal through kicking the addiction to sugar…it’s all about learning how to love yourself differently. Consider this Part I of many…

So, I vowed to ‘give’ myself a summer retreat. I’m going nowhere for holiday. Okay, that’s a lie. I got creative and booked in to a friend’s beautiful flat in the town centre of this beautiful little German town called Bad Nauheim. I’m escaping the Saudi desert heat for almost four of my nine weeks off this summer. I made this decision also so that I could get some rest and get this bod in shape.  

It’s been a busy Year Two on the new job. And I am absolutely mercenary about saving for my first home. It’s time, baby. Keeping that goal close to the chest. Very close. But weight loss is up front and centre and this is about that. I’m getting away to vary the surroundings, but my goal is the same: shedding the heaviness of life.  Continue reading “On Top of the World – Kicking the Sugar Habit”