Our mission is to bring women out of the darkness into the light. It is also to bring together women who have a wisdom born of their experiences…so that we may feel less alone in our brilliance which is all too often diminished by our ‘failures’, entrapments, stuckness and journeys through the proverbial mud and trappings we find ourselves in.

Here, we will tell our stories to relieve ourselves of the burden of secrecy.

Here, we will learn we are not alone.

Here, we will find sanity as we are reminded that emotion is not madness. Strong women experience the entire range of emotions. We aim at all times to lose shame and acknowledge our wholeness.

Here, we will teach each other how we have found our way through the most trying of circumstances.

Here, we will be mentors to one another – mothers, sisters and friends – in the search for self.

Here, we will celebrate the fact that we are alive and self-compassionately growing.

Here, we will have a safe place.

Here, we are a movement dedicated to helping women heal as we fight the forces that keep us in the dark, denying women the inherit right to be seen, heard, felt, respected, present and in control of decisions which affect us.

This is born directly of the knowledge and understanding that women do not have the power they should today in proportion to (1) men who primarily hold key positions of national and corporate importance and (2) others who behave in a manner that is oppressive. How Women Heal acknowledges and aims to be part of the direct response to this.

How Women Heal offers a pathway to healing that is both individual and collective. This community is open to all women from all walks of life and corners of the globe.