Lost and Found – Grief and Survival

Lost and Found – Katie Herzig ‘Lost and Found.’ Such a torrential, self-evidential lyric. What’s the point? In our deepest losses is where we find our deepest and truest selves. As hard as it is to accept, it is true. Grief is the thing that crushes us and squeezes out more pain than we ever Read More


On Top of the World – Kicking the Sugar Habit

On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons  When’s the last time you felt on top of the world? What got you there? I know what’s getting me there. The decision to get there. It all starts with a decision.  On self nurturing, binge eating, thyroid recovery and Type II Diabetes reversal through kicking the Read More


Tilted – Be Your Beautiful Self and Do What You Want

Tilted – Christine and the Queens (Best line: “I’m doing my face/with magic marker”) I die way before Methuselah So I’ll fight sleep with Ammonia And every morning with eyes all red I’ll miss them for the tears they shed But I’m actually good Can’t help it if we’re tilted I am actually good Can’t Read More