Hello and welcome!

How Women Heal is your home if you are a strong woman who has faced trials and tribulations that have challenged you deeply to grow – and you have and you are.

This is the place for you if you KNOW you are a powerful woman. At the same time, you suffer and have suffered deeply from a grievous loss of some sort – it may have been a childhood loss or tragedy – or it may be something you have experienced in your adult life that has put you to the test.

You know what GRIEF is all about.

Still, you know, too, what LIFE is all about.

You have found a home here, and here is where we will tell our stories, and connect. Because it is in this connection we find a new kind of strength. We find comfort and solace in the fact that we are most certainly NOT alone. In fact, we are the world. No one escapes life without loss, but what we do with it is remarkable.

Welcome to How Women Heal.